Meet the New Penguin Chick

This young National aviary African Penguin is a beacon of hope and possibility for endangered species!

First-time parents Buddy and Holly have been together for five years. The penguin pair share a nest cave in Penguin Point, a habitat that is home to a colony of African Penguins, which are endangered in the wild. In late November, Holly laid an egg, and on January 3, a penguin chick, covered in downy grey feathers, came into the world. Buddy and Holly take turns brooding and feeding their little chick, who is now the size of a mango, and growing rapidly. The photo above is of the chick being weighed during a checkup!

Here's the Fun Part - Boy or Girl?

We are so excited to welcome this little penguin. A generous donor has selected names for the chick, which will be revealed after a DNA feather test determines the gender. While we don't yet know the gender, we want to know what you think -- is it a boy, or a girl? Make a donation below in any amount and select what gender you think he or she is. We will be doing a gender reveal announcement in a few weeks, stay tuned!

Every animal at the National Aviary deserves care that goes above and beyond to meet their individual needs. Your support will help to ensure this high-level care can continue. None of it can continue without the support of all who care about the National Aviary...especially you!

  • I think it's a boy!

  • Definitely a girl!

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